About us

Clay is also edible as our ancestors

You may think of clay as dirty and impure that belongs to the soil and shouldn't be eaten, but what we may not know is that is rich in minerals . If we were to go 2 millions years back in time you will encounter the behavior of eating clays, most commonly in pregnant woman, they believed that eating clay will provide the baby with important minerals essential to our body such as iron. The condition called PICA caused by iron deficiency make people crave it and one of those people is Me.

 I'M NOT encouraging you to look down take a piece of clay and crunch on it, but some clay in these world are edible and they will not have a typical specific flavor like sweet, salty or sour.

However I believe sometime you have loved the smell of gasoline or diesel or even rain and wished to 'eat it' but obviously you can't because you will end up in the hospital and rain can't be eaten; well clays have a similar flavor to them but they will definitely not make you end up in a hospital the moment you consume it, and i know you will be thinking 'consuming clays CAN make you have to go to the hospital' and of course you can end up in a hospital if you crunch on it a lot and for a prolonged time, because like they say 'eating too much of something is bad for your body'.

Welcome to Clay's Station

I started this clay business, because I have pica and I love clay specially Eko.

The bad thing is that I could only get it when I was back in Spain (which would only happen on holiday time every summer).

I looked for clays online, and the bad thing is that, is really expensive for a person who only has pocket money, so I decided to create a clay website for people who are not working or don't have access to large income and for people who did have the money but would like to pay less.

I've been comparing prices across a large number of websites such as earth's clay, chalkineurope, etsy and also people who sale through e-tailers such as amazon and eBay and i have finally worked out the right price, and that is £4.50 for 100gr